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Static Stretching For Runners

Recovery is a big topic at Kriva. We believe in using a tool belt of habits and supplementation to aid post training and competition recovery process. 

A recent publication authored by Christian Barton, Richard Willy and James Alexander, titled "Infographic running myth: static stretching reduces injury risk in runners,” looked at one of the more controversial recovery methods: static stretching. 

It's a common thought that static stretching plays an important role in improving running performance and decreasing injury. Static stretching involves lengthening a muscle to the point at which a gentle tension is felt and remaining in this position, typically for a minimum of 30 seconds per stretching position.

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But new research shows evidence shows the promises of static stretching is just a myth.  

This paper, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, has identified the facts about static stretching and debunked the myth that static stretching will help improve running performance and lower the risk of injury.

    The article recommends that runners switch out their static stretching for different warm up methods such as: 

    • Light Aerobic Exercise: Instead of static stretching consider an active warm up of 5-10 minutes of walking and light jogging prior to your run.
    • Dynamic Stretching: Complete 6-8 dynamic stretching drills (ex: high kick lunges, walking side-squats) that move your joints slowly through full range of movement.
    • Start with a Sprint: Finish your warm-up by completing up to three short sprints for 50-100 yards.

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