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Nagging Injuries

Most of us have, at some point in our lives, experienced an injury that has persisted longer than expected or have had one injury cause a string of subsequent ailments....

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Static Stretching For Runners

Recovery is a big topic at Kriva. We believe in using a tool belt of habits and supplementation to aid post training and competition recovery process. 

A recent publication authored by Christian Barton, Richard Willy and James Alexander, titled "Infographic running myth: static stretching reduces injury risk in runners,” looked at one of the more controversial recovery methods: static stretching. 

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The Match Up: CBDA vs CBD

CBDA is considered the natural form of CBD, that being it’s the compound most present in plants. But, what exactly are the differences?  Read More

What should athletes understand about hemp, CBDA, and CBD?

On a basic level, athletes should understand that hemp-based products can help them prepare for exercise, preform smoother, and recovery quicker. Some of the most popular applications of hemp-based products are lotions and topicals, which are the only approved application methods by WADA and USADA. Lotions made with natural cannabinoids like CBDA can penetrate the skin barrier and enhance post training recovery. Read More

Types of CBD Ingredients

Learn about the types of hemp CBD/A ingredients commonly used. Read More

Athlete Wellness & Phytocannabinoids

Learn about how athletes of all levels can harness the power of CBDA for better preparation, performance, and recovery. Read More


According to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), cannabidiol-like molecules (e.g., CBD/CBDA) are permitted for use outside of competition.  All other cannabinoids (e.g., CBN, CBG, THC, etc...) are also prohibited1 in-competition, in any concentration. 

Download the full WADA, USADA, CBDA Article.

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