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The Kriva A Team

We founded Kriva for the wellness of all. From preparing for the day, to performance on and off the court, to thoughtful, whole-body recovery, we knew wellness seekers deserved the best research-based formulations. Using the finest botanical ingredients with a focus on sustainable and planet-friendly operations, we’ve crafted a spectrum of daily wellness products that make a difference for you, while limiting the impact on our planet.
Kriva believes in sustainability of our planet's resources. Join us as we gear up for climate neutral operations by 2026.

Technology with roots in Nature

With a background in healthcare, botanical therapeutics, research, and sustainable engineering, we formed the Kriva A-team. An exclusive focus on natural, raw phytocannabinoids mirroring nature's own formulas, has allowed us to develop the foundation of our legacy brand. Our goal is to change how we live everyday life. We are passionate about exchanging aches and pains for freedom and flexibility. We do what we do because of our community. The emails, phone calls, and testimonies push us to formulate thoughtful products based on Nature's own "medicine cabinet." Mother nature knows best.

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