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About Kriva Products

Each of our ingredients are grown and/ or sourced from the United States. Our products are manufactured at certified and registered United States facilities. Our hemp processing facility is also cGMP and meets high food grade standards.

Our starting H2Only broad spectrum phytocannabinoid ingredients and final products are non-detectable Delta-9-THC verified by a third-party lab. This means our starting phytocannabinoid ingredient contains less than 0.001 mg of THC in one gram of concentrate.

Kriva’s CBDA products are not considered psychoactive, so you might not “feel” what you are expecting. CBDA can elevate mood in a non-intoxicating manner. Some Kriva followers feel an overall better sense of wellbeing, more energy, and enhanced recovery from exercise after several days of use.

Our phytocannabinoid ingredients and products are tested for potency, purity, and safety. We run a full cannabis analysis on phytocannabinoid ingredients and the final formulas. Our final products also undergo rigorous shelf-life testing and patch testing, which allows us to ensure stability and safety.

Kriva’s CBDA is natural, plant-based, and the chemical free option for wellness focused consumers. We start with clean phytocannabinoid ingredients and research the best botanical blends to create potent and powerful formulas that enhance the wellbeing of our community. We also use water to remove the phytocannabinoids insuring safety.

CBDA can enhance the effects of other medications and supplements. We strongly encourage you to discuss with your health care provider any possible medication interactions prior to consuming Kriva products.

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All orders are processed within 48 business hours of purchase. Shipping is generally 3-5 business days.

Kriva uses an online debit and credit card processor. You simply put products in your cart and check out with your card number. This is a safe and secure way to purchase your Kriva.

Yes! If you are not satisfied with your Kriva product you can follow our return instructions to receive a refund.

Results Database

Transparency is key

Kriva believes in sharing the full manufacturing process with its community. In Q1 2022 our TagOne BlockChain enabled traceability system will launch. In the meantime, we knew we needed to share our Certificate of Analysis (COAs). You can check them out here:

Download the Lotion COA
Download the Mango Gems COA
Download the Exotic Fruit Gems COA
Download the Pineapple Gems COA
Download the Lemon Drop COA
Download the Hemp Oil Drop COA
Download the Charcoal Craft Soap COA
Download the Orange Craft Soap COA
Download the Massage Oil COA
Download the Deodorant COA
Download the Anti-Chafe Glide COA
Download the Mint Oil Drop COA
Download the Facial Oil COA
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